Detecting if the cookies are enabled with PHP ASP or client side java script

For my current project I need a detection if the cookies are enabled or not in the user’s browser.

[setcookie]('test', 1, [time](;
if([count]($_COOKIE) > 0){
 echo "Cookies are yummy!";
} else {
 echo "You didn't bring any cookies here. We are hungry!";


function cookieFunction() {
  var x = "Cookies enabled: " + navigator.cookieEnabled;
 alert (x);

I can use this codes but wappler team can integrate server side / client side visual solution . ?
if entagration is easy please add for us
@George or @patrick

I think there’s a simpler solution, using the Browser component:
{{browser1.cookieEnabled}} returns true if cookies are enabled.


thank you @TomD