Design View not loading


Wappler Version : 2.0.2
Operating System : Windows 7

Expected behavior

Design view should load and show elements from the app structure.

Actual behavior

Blank page, not thing is being shown. it looks like this:

Both for files with extention .php and .html

How to reproduce

This one is a bit hard to say, as I get this when starting Wappler( in normal mode and running as Admin).


Does this happen if you close the file and open it again? Also - what do you have on this page?


hmmm I think i might have found it, for some reason in the old Wappler, i only needed to tell the server name where the file share is, like file:///. And i just added the domain in the project manager to import and it works again.

Seems like i just need to fill in the domain when creating/importing projects from now on.

So not a bug in this case, but good to know :).