Design View - data rendering

My initial thoughts. I hate to go straight in with the bad and the ugly but unfortunately these are my most common issues.

No ability to have pages open from multiple Projects? Are we confined to working on a single Project at any one time? Will this change? If I select a Project it closes down the current Project and its open pages (I know I can open them via File/Open) Small issue. It would be great if Wappler allowed me to just select the pages from the Project though…

Secured pages are a nightmare. I have seen the video with the work-around but this needs to be improved dramatically.

Font rendering in Code View seems quite blurry on my screen no matter what I do. Any suggestions?



Again apologies for the initial thoughts. The positives far out-weigh the negatives I am happy to say! And there are many (positives)!!

Suggestions appreciated.


Can you elaborate a bit on this one? In my opinion the security features work quite well without any work arounds?

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OK no problem. For my comparison I will use Dreamweaver. I can open and edit the pages with no intervention. Straight forward accessibility. I work across many sites at the same time. Having to keep logging in is a mild pain in my backside. A work-around should not have to be posted by a User. It should be documented. Yes this is a new product in that sense. I totally understand. I appreciate documentation takes time and I know how hard the team at Wappler and DMX work (I’ve been around a while). I’m not moaning here. Purely constructive feedback on my part.

I can edit these pages in Dreamweaver/Pinegrow no problem. If I want to see them live I can go to the domain in question and view them there. I do not require a permanent live view of my pages. It would be great to be able to just view the pages outside of a permanently live environment (the ability to disable live view would be fantastic).

its because wappler don’t have a special view like Dreamweaver.
design view is just a browser (chrome) i believe. so it will behave like a regular browser

I understand this. It doesn’t mean I like it as much as I’d like to. This is feedback and simple suggestions. I don’t want it to be a Dreamweaver clone, or Pinegrow. BUT some of that functionality is there for a purpose in both examples… Why? I believe because users required this functionality (I may well be wrong).

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HI Dave
I think that every contribution is good to discuss to improve the product.

According my experience with Wappler have to say that at beginning I was very uncomfortable with interface for two things:

cannot split the video in two (with the code on the side of the page like in Dreamweaver)

lack of design view

But have to say that I left this feeling since I started to work on complete project in Wappler. I never used the live view in Dreamweaver. But with little time I became fully comfortable with Wappler interface and idea.

Obviously it is a young product and surely will improve.

I start to appreciate Wappler interface when I forced myself to leave my old habits and start to develop following the main idea of Wappler.

Until I just “play” with it just to see it… I did not get full comprehension of new working method of Wappler.

Then I got a lot of satisfaction in very short time.

About opening more file from different projects well I suppose could be a feature that could be implement in Wappler too…


its annoying for sure
and its not for the secured pages only.
in my case i hide the page if a query variable is not set. that makes the page blank in wappler. so i cant see any element to work on.

You can ..... File --> Open File

So you can open files from different projects no problem.

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Yes it is very annoying but if you click on the appconnect tree on the hides column it should appear…

I apologise if I don’t reply immediately as am currently sat in a data center amongst a pile of fibre.

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Hi Dave,

Good to see you are jumping in!
Let me answer you pain points :slight_smile:
Of course Wappler is no Dreamweaver or Pinegrow - but believe me that is for good. It might takes a bit to get used to it - but then when you have your AHA moment - it will all makes sense and you will love it.

In Wappler indeed everything is project based. Because a page by itself has a lot of related assets we need to know where they come from, so we can update them, publish them etc.

Wappler projects are also very smart. All the open pages are completely saved (also autosaved even if you don't have saved them manually) and auto opened when you switch projects. So projects switching is just just a click away from the bottom right projects dropdown and completely restores your project working workspace.

This way you can easily switch projects just like you are opening multiple files.

Wappler's Design view is actually the best of both worlds because - it is well aware of your project and publishing targets and it fully renders it there. So you see an editable version of your page with data coming from your live server for example.

Well that is actually about the same as in Dreamweaver - when using the Security provider. You are adding Security Provider Enforcer on a page that you want to secure and you are done. Not sure what nightmare exactly you mean ...

Please file another topic for this so we can track it - it should actually look much better than Dreamweaver :slight_smile:


I appreciate Dave's point about having pages from different projects open at the time in DW; I find it convenient for reference or copying code etc. However I think George's point makes good sense - and it can sometimes be confusing have different projects open at the same time. Switching projects is usually very quick and remembering the open pages etc. is great.

I suggested in a feature request an idea what would make it a lot more convenient - at least from my point of view - without any major changes to Wappler. It was a suggestion for a way to make switching between projects much quicker. But nobody voted for it. (I thought it was a good idea anyway.)

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@TomD I think with shortcut keys coming soon we can expect one to open the projects select section and select/filter site quicker.

A few more shortcuts would be a great help - and hopefully you’re right about the project shortcut. However, even if the menu can appear using the keyboard, the list of projects is difficult to use. It’s not sorted alphabeticallly and over time it will get very long. Most of the time, I would probably only want to choose from two or three projects; if I wanted to find any other, the search option in the projects does the job well.

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Maybe a search like you suggested, favourites that come up right at the top of the list and then a switch between list, large icons, small icons and cover flow view… What’s the plan here @George?

Hi George,
Thanks for your reply, and to everyone else who has replied. I will get around to replying but have just walked through the door after a long night.


I'm not speaking of adding it to a page that is simple and easy. I'm talking about working on pages inside Wappler that have Security Enforcers in place. It's not the same in Dreamweaver as I can actually work on these pages without having to use a 'work-around'. I want to be able to edit them normally (normal as in not in a live view all the time).

Bare in mind I usually have several sets of pages open across several different sites. Logging in, getting logged out, logging in, logged out. My overall point is live view maybe great for non secure sites and those working on maybe a single site but in my usage scenario it hinders the work-flow for me, so unfortunately (for now) I have to resort back to an editor that allows me to make these changes promptly without the repeated security checks, just to edit a page. Whereas I’d really prefer to start using Wappler as my primary editor…

In essence I’d like to know will there only ever be a live view? Or will disabling it be an option in the future?

Just to summarize @Dave your design view limitation is that it renders the live data :slight_smile: - usually people love that :slight_smile: - but I can understand that in some situations like having protected data or maybe even no data at all initially, can limit your designing because there is nothing to display

We can improve this two ways:

1. Add a "render data" toggle on design view toolbar

That you can switch off and then you will see only the data placeholders and not the live data. That will pretty much work the same as the old DW design view but of course in a modern browser and the rest of the html and css will be up to the latest standards!
This is pretty easy to implement.

2. Having a Design time Data View and editor

This is actually idea that we are having for some time now and are already brainstorming for the implementation. See

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That sounds perfect George! There is plenty I can be getting on with in the meantime between now and any implementation of the above ideas.

Thank you.