Design Panel Margin Bug

If I am using the experimental design panel, and i select say a paragraph, and drag only one side to add margin to the right only of 6px, it works great. If I then change my mind and drag to middle square to add margin on all 4 sides and drag it out to 10px, it also works great.

BUT if i now decide I just need another 5 px at the bottom only, and i drag the bottom only, then it seems stuck doing all 4 sides equally for some reason. Is this just me?

I haven’t used this before, but this is how it seems to be working:

  1. None of the sides are “blue” so any side can move freely.

  2. Right is blue, means its now selected. Moving any of the other three sides changes value of right too.

  3. Moving any side will select it too. So click to deselect it if you want to move any other side without changing values.

  4. Click center square to quickly select/deselect all sides. Or just click on the sides to select/deselect; works in combinations.

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Thank you, you are quite right, so when i was clicking and dragging the inner box it was selecting all sides, and I have to click to deselect. Makes perfect sense now.

The simplest things allude me sometimes, haha.

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This is actually a pretty good UX. A small tooltip, in a future update, could be helpful.