Deprecated Gradle in Android build

When I try and build my Android App I get the following message and build fails.

Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 8.0.

Can this be fixed or do I need to rebuild my app from scratch again? It was originally built about three years ago.

I was able to build no problem in android studio and submit my build to the App Store so all is good. Just curious as to why it won’t build in Wappler?

@brad Hi Brad. Ive been seriously struggling with the Android build problems as well.I can get Wappler to build the Android app via Capacitor, but cannot get it to launch in the emulator. No problem with iOS. Right now I am thinking, as a work around, that I will just side load my Android version onto a physical device for testing while I dev.

However, I am wondering if you have learned anything new. So far I have tried everything from installing earlier versions of Capacitor to trying every available SDK and every version of Gradle in various configurations. Long story short, everything result in an error and I have never got the Androidf Emulator to open.

Is there anything you have figured out that can help with this?

Hi Cameron,

I still have the issue. Since I only had to make some minor changes to my app to make it compatible with android 14, I just used the emulator in android studio.

Using an actual device may work as well. I don’t have one to try that.

So you were able to use the emulator? Did you launch it out of Android Studio instead of Wapppler?

Yes, the emulator worked fine in Android Studio.

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Oh wow, never considered that. Will give it a try

@brad Sorry to be a bother, but can you tell me how to open my Wappler app in Android Studio?

Ive opened my root folder in AS and can open the emulator, but my app doesn’t appear on the phone. If you could give me some pointers, I will be forever grateful.

Not sure what you are looking at in your screenshot. Have you set it up as a new project in Android Studio?

You should see something like this …

@brad Yeah the first screen shot was me just opening my root folder in AS. I now relize that was wrong. Now I have this going on

It’s been a couple years since I set mine up so I don’t really remember exactly. What happens if you click on the configuration button?

Also not sure why you are getting the namespace error.

@brad I just get this screen which Im not sure what to do with.

I appreciate you taking the time to give me some direction. I guess Ill have to keep messing with it.

Can you add a new run configuration? You will need to get it working in Android Studio in order to package it for the app store.

I am working with that now. I still haven’t had any luck.