Deployment Process with 2 Droplets on Docker & Digital Ocean

Hi, I am setting up my deployment process and needed some guidance on how to do it when I have 2 docker droplets linked with a load balancer.
I am using Node.js and have a separate mysql database cluster.
Shall I have each droplet setup in wappler as a separate target and I publish my application on each one separetely? Would I need to update twice my environment variables as well?

I looked alternatively into setting up github actions given that I am using github but that approach seemed a bit complicated for me at this stage

Would love to hear your perspectives on the best way to setup for a multi-droplet scenario

Many thanks!

Having two targets, one for each production droplet seems to be working ok. So I guess that’s the simplest solution unless someone has already tried another more elegant approach?

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Great question!

The usual way to deploy to multiple servers is to use Docker Swarm. This is the easiest solution to use for multiple servers with load balancing.

It can be cumbersome to setup, so we will be integrating it in our Resource Manager for easy setup and deployment.

See for more info:


Great, thanks George!