Deploying Nodejs/Docker site to a aapanel server

So after months of avoiding it, I have now tried Docker and a NodeJS site. All works great locally, but I am having problems deploying it to my server which is running Ubuntu.
I am using aapanel with Node and Docker on there.
Does anyone have a walkthrough on how to upload the site to the server?

Thanks in advance.

Do you mean cPanel? If not, not sure what aapanel is.

For cPanel, here’s a tutorial: NodeJS FTP deploy on shared hosting with Plesk and cPanel
But it has nothing to do with Docker.

What we personally use is CapRover on Digital Ocean Droplet. There is a tutorial for that as well: Roll your own PaaS - Heroku alternative (Part 2)
But it needs some tweaks to get the app running.

Lastly, there is some tutorial on how to deploy Docker on a machine that is not one of the options that Wappler supports via UI. Please search for that.

Hope this helps.

Just from a personal experience I would go with pre-defined providers in Wappler - you’ll save a lot of time and nerves.