Deployed docker not working as it was before name and type change

I have a deployed docker site on Linode that worked perfectly with custom domain and ssl certificates setup using Wappler’s traefik and portainer settings.

I added another test target and changed this one’s name and type to staging.

After the change I redeployed and I get the indicator bouncing between red and green. See video around 14 sec.

I am not sure what else changed to break it.

If I must guess it looks like the site is working, but the db is down. Since I cannot access the db externally.

Any ideas to fix the db connection welcome. Thanks

any troubleshooting tips please?

Running docker ps on the server it looks like my db is continually restarting. Anyone has experience with this:

To get it fixed I stopped the running container, logged into ssh and deleted all the stopped containers. Then I created a new db connection in targets under the project settings and then deployed again.