Deploy in PHP

How to deploy a php project to my domain?

the documentation show in a project nodejs.


Your question is not really clear. What remote target are you using? What type of connection to it?

project php with mysql

So can you answer


Ok … so what is your question here?
If you are using FTP connection, then just publish your site to your ftp target.

Is it only possible to deploy a project through wappler?, it cannot be copied to the domain via conventional ftp?

I’m not sure what you are asking? Using the publish feature is deploying with FTP. Does your host not support FTP? Where are you hosting it? What errors do you get when you publish?

You are not “forced” to use the included ftp in Wappler. you can deploy (upload) your project to your host/domain using conventional ftp client like Filezilla (the one I use) or else. You go to the folder you initially created and upload the files/folders via ftp,

Hope this help :slight_smile:

Wappler has a built in ftp client. Why won’t you just use it and use a separate ftp tool?
But yes, you can use any ftp tool to do your uploads to the server.

okay, thanks.

I don’t need to configure anything, just send the files via ftp?

hi, when I send the project via connectional ftp, when entering this appears…

It is there when the correct url is used:

this happens when i access the site

1 problem solved, now when I fill out the form it returns the 404 error

I think that the problems lies with the fact that you are using a subfolder for the site.

In the line containing:

<form method="post" role="form" class="email-form" id="form_cadastro" is="dmx-serverconnect-form" action="dmxConnect/api/cadastro.php" 

try changing the action URL to:


is saving the record in the Bank, now I don’t understand why it is showing this after inserting the record.img

localhost works fine

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sorry ben, lol, here now it’s 11:15 am, forgive me, have a good rest my friend and thank you. :handshake: