Dependant dropdown in repeat region

I have a dependent dropdown that is working if I have it in an insert form, but if I try and use it in a multi insert form it does not work. Is it possible to do this?

Hi Ken,
Can you explain a little more detailed how are you trying to use it with a multi insert form?

Here is what I am using for the params on the action, does this help:

dmx-serverconnect id=“Products” url=“dmxConnect/api/select/ManufactureProduct.asp” dmx-param:getrebate=“2” dmx-param:getproduct=“ReceiptsForm.inp_ProductManufacturer.value” dmx-param:getmanufacturer=“serverconnectform1.record[0].inp_Rebate.value”></dmx-serverconnect

No, this doesn’t really help.
Can you explain how are you using the dropdowns with multi insert, that was my question.

I have two selects that are repeated in the form, the first if for the product, and the second is for the manufacturer. When I select the product I want it to populate the manufacturer.
When selecting the Param for the action, I am selecting the value of the first select under the repeat.
I have included a screenshot if that helps