Delete image after removal from medium editor


I love how easy it it to upload, resize etc an image within medium editor/ server connect

However when removing an image from the editor window, the uploaded image still remains on the server
Is there an event i can tap into the trigger an image removal server action when removed from the editor input?


Unfortunately that’s not currently possible from within the medium editor.
You’d better build a “media” page with all your images and remove buttons, where the users can delete the ones they don’t need.


No problem, was just looking into preparing a blog tutorial series and thought medium editor was an easy way of allowing images in blog posts. I can live with the old images for the moment.


Actually you can do it indirectly using jquery. Just get the path of the img location onclick, pass it to server connect file remove, then trigger medium remove btn onclick to run the server connect file remove. You need to use jquery or javascript to achieve this. In case you wonder how to use jquery to trigger a server connect, just create a hidden button to run your server connect, and use jquery to trigger click that button.