Delete files/folders, in the trash before to delete them definitely

when I delete a file or folder on Wappler, it remove immediately without the possibility to recover it from the macOS’s trash.

Is possible to change this behaviour?
Sometimes is useful to have the possibility to restore files/folders deleted for mistake.

P.S. I’m using macOS 10.14.1 and Wappler 1.6.0

It’s the same on Windows. I mentioned this a couple of months ago. It would be good if this were changed.


I can only speak from a mac OS perspective but as far as I am aware there is no real terminal command for put in trash.
Remove command would be something like rm -R /path/file.php so suppose to make it go to trash vs remove recursively it would have to change to mv -R /path/file.php ~/trash but then you would have to manually empty your trash at certain points.
Even from a recovery perspective this could be a pain as if you already had a file in the trash with the same name then it would rename your new file and Wappler would have to keep track of all this.

I think it is just safer to rename files to file_Backup.php if you are unsure about physically deleting the file.

Simply move a file to the trash folder will not work. The mv command isn’t cross-platform and moving to trash is not just about moving the file to a “trash” directory. On all OSes you’ll run into file conflicts. The user won’t easily be able to restore the file. It won’t work on an external drive. The trash directory location varies between Windows versions. For Linux, there’s a whole spec you need to follow. On macOS, you’ll lose the Put back feature.

Haha @patrick that spec is quite a document to read, I would have never imagined something as seemingly simple as trashing a file would have so many variables.
I would not like to be you, and have to keep all that info in my head. Good luck.

I had the same problem. If deleting doesn’t put files in the recycle bin (which is what one expects it to do) then there should be a warning that deletion is permanent.