Delete a GET variable + 'Array to string conversion' issues + fixes

I used to have an array filterkey in the GET which I deleted, then created a text variable filter instead

But it won’t take my operation into account. The filterkey GET method is still somewhere.

Please can someone advise how to flush this array for good as I keep getting a connection.php error message:

Thank you!

When all fails, I usually delete the API Action. This will remove the file. Then reconstruct the API Action.

Thanks Ben, you gave me an idea: I deleted the server connect and re-did it quick and it cleaned up the mess.

I wanted multiple keywords selection passed over, I tried $GET filter as an array, but it gave me a 500 error. And “text” filter didn’t pass multiple values:

And when I add a split string $_GET.filter.split(',') to my query condition, the “text” filter does passes multiple keyword values but then I get an ‘Array to string conversion’ error message from the connection.php file. Any insights on the right setup?

My query returns nothing when 2 values or more are selected:

For future readers, I think I’ve fixed my “Array to string conversion” issue:
First, I’ve reverted back to an array $GET.filter (my filter can have one keyword or several).
Then, I used in instead of contains in the text condition and I converted the array (of my GET.filter variable) to string (to which I apply a comma split)

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