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I would probably find the new default framework and other file options useful from time to time, but 9 times out of 10, if I create a new file in a project, I’ll duplicate an existing one. Not only will it have the framework options but will probably have some include files, and perhaps other common features (eg a cookie consent popup or a modal etc).

I think it would be useful to have an additional/alternative option in the frameworks panel - to select a file to be used as a default template. Or just as good perhaps - an option to right-click a file and choose ‘duplicate’. I know this can be done in Wappler already, but it’s quite a few clicks. I usually open Windows File Explorer and duplicate the file there. (Quickly duplicating a file - whether to use as a new file, or for testing something - is one of the things in Dreamweaver I still miss.)


Why do you have to go to Windows explorer to duplicate a file? Why not just open the file you want to duplicate in Wappler and use Save As?

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That’s a good point - in fact it’s what I usually do when creating a new file based on a template. I suppose much more often I want to duplicate a file and continue using the initial file. I do this frequently when editing files - almost always when editing server connect files. This is probably more what I had in mind, and what I find quicker using the OS file manager (or in DW come to that).


At the moment, I do exactly what Brad does, open the template and save as. I still have a problem with this, when I want to make changes to the template, I also need to make the changes in all of the documents that are based on the template.

I have made my personal website into a SPA which allows me to make the changes in one spot. This is a great solution for a small static site.

The ideal template system that I have used in the past is which is based on Dreamweaver’s template system without the hassle of having to republish all of the child pages.

Rather than fiddling around with additional options as a work-around, a proper template system would be much more beneficial.


I just put as much as I can in includes even on my template page.


I personally used the “Duplicate” option a lot in DW.

I built a static website lately with Wappler and what I did is I created a page with all elements I needed and that I wanted to show on all pages (navbar, footer etc). Then I transformed these elements as Server Include files after that I clone (duplicate) that starter page that become my “Template page” so when I need to modify something in these elements I change the server side include files so that way I don’t have to do the modification on each duplicated pages since duplicated pages all share the same include files.

However, As TomD mentioned, being able to select a file to be used as a default template, or some kind of template capabilities would be useful.


I would like to add that I would find something like this incredibly useful. I have used Rapidweaver for web development and they have something called ‘Partials’. In essence you select one or more elements, create a partial that can then be placed wherever required. The best part is that the settings can be modified in one partial and all the other instances that use it are updated too. For bits that need to be customised on a per page basis, they can be marked as editable and edited in-page without affecting other instances of the partial.

In Wappler, I would like to set up the App/Frameworks but also add a navbar, footer etc. without having to add and configure it for each page.


Just place your navbar/footer/sidebar or any other reusable component in server side includes:


If it is dynamically generated using server connect (and requires the App Connect) could it not cause duplication/conflicts with App Connect on the page it has been included on?


When I use similar elements on different pages I put them in a block e.g. < header > or < footer > and copy/paste the whole block in codeview to the new page.


@vdweyer that’s not the best way of doing it. When reusing blocks on different pages - use serverside includes, as explained in the docs i linked to.


Hi vdweyer,
Not sure if you have read my post above but you can make things even easier when creating a new page that use similar elements: Like Teodor said use serverside includes for those elements.

TIP: To make things even easier when creating a new page using similar elements you can create a starter page containing all elements that will be similar on other pages, use the server side includes feature for each element and then simply duplicate your starter page so everything will be already there no need to add framework, Bootstrap or elements each time :slight_smile:


Next project I will give it a try! :wink:

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