Datepicker request

Hi, really hoping to see a fully functioning datepicker soon, need this for most of my work, always need to check dates against current date, do countdowns etc. Thank you.

I think this is an essential feature. Especially as the DMX version was excellent and I am unable to be a 100% wappler without it!


I agree with that, datepicker was, and still is, one of the most usefull DMXzone extensions ever. Especially with the timepicker addon it is a great tool.


Any idea yet when this will be implemented? Have a few projects on hold because I would prefer to build them with Wappler. Thank you.

I raised this issue again recently over on the DMX Zone Support site. Would be great to get an update on the situation and if there are any plans? Would make implementing datetime pickers a lot easier in to the mobile app side of things, as well as dynamic pages of course.


Well we will definitely put a top priority on this one! As it is clear that everybody needs it!


You can actually use the HMTL5 datepicker and use alternate date values for the database and the client-side. What was really great was the combination with the timepicker addon

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Datepicker on DMX!!
Haha you lil freaks you have done it again. Can’t wait for the Wappler version.

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wait 10 minutes more :slight_smile:

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10 minutes? Come on @George I know you can do better :slight_smile:

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is this only datepicker or can we use it datetime ?

Available now in Wappler 1.3.1 :slight_smile:

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@George datepicker ok ! but when will you update or add time picker ?

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