Date Picker type

Here I have a field for the date of withdrawal, Even leaving it blank. Fill in the current date

I want it to be blank.

Are you sure you do not have a default set in the database field to the current date?


I will have to type type as date, I need it to be empty. it is a pity

to use the date picker you must use data type char, not date

Yes I know, Okay, now it worked.

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It was something wrong, now it worked. Thanks @Hyperbytes

Any time Adriano, please mark as solved

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I have a question about this - is any functionality lost making the date field a character - it is not intuitive but do you loose the ability to do things like compute the number of days between to dates (and other date related computations)?

Not really as you can convert the character string to a date format using .ToDate() before you do date calculations if you need to.

Got it, thanks for the reply and happy holidays!

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