Date picker not setting default value

I have an edit Modal that i am opening to update some content including a date.

When i setup the generator for the form, i am choosing the Date type for the field.

However, i cannot get the date that is being pulled from the record to display there as a default.

but if i make it just a text field, as you can see the data for the date is displaying so i know its there.

any ideas why i can’t get that date to display when i use a date picker option?

The date type input is not the date picker component, but just a regular html5 date input.
To use the date picker component set the field type tp text and in its properties in App Structure click the “Make Data Picker” button.

worked perfectly Teodor. Thank you!

okay, maybe i spoke a little too soon.

so i can now use the date picker, but now my issue is that it doesn’t actually run the update query and save the information.

Prior to changing the date field to a “Make Date Picker” option, i am able to manually change the date from the Modal -

i can just change the 30, to a 31 and click save.

however, now if i just simply go back into the App structure and click on Make Date Picker, it doesn’t work anymore

i am able to choose the date and when i try to change it to the 5th of January, this is what happens.
the data sent to the query is correct

but the data saved in the database is another date

its weird…its like its a day off

i choose 1/31…and it updates to 1/30

How are you storing the date in your database and in what format?
Isn't it in a date / datetime database field?

Note that the date on the server side is based on your server timezone, so if there is difference between you (the client side) and your server (the server side) timezones, that's why you see different dates.

yes it is a Date field in the database.

I have an Add database action with a date picker and when i select this date it correctly adds it into the database. It only seems when i change the text field to a Date Picker that i have this issue. Its always one day lower than the date i am choosing.

the data that is being passed to the query for updating is
date: 2022-01-09 00:00:00

however, it saves it as 2022-01-08

I was able to figure it out…when i originally created the query to update the record, i pulled from the original form which had the date textfield as a Date type.

however, i changed that per your suggestion for the date picker to a Text type field.

So i removed all of the imported form fields and then reimported them. the date one was now a text field and updated correctly. Not sure why that mattered, but it did on the query update.