Date Picker - dealing with ranges with server connect actions

Love the new Date picker and not having any issues with it.
I do however have one question, how to I process the range picker at the server connect end.
I can create the form, add the picker and with single dates write back with a server connect update action.
However i don’t seem to be able to work our how to work with a date range?
Any advice appreciated

Hi @Hyperbytes
That’s a good question :slight_smile:

In server connect you need to setup two variables under POST - with suffixes “_start” and “_end”.
If your date range field name is date1, the start date will be stored in the date1_start and the end date will be stored in date1_end:

Use them in your server action :slight_smile:

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Brilliant and many thanks, video on datepicker to follow


and how to do that with server connect on the client side to filter query?

Edit: found the start and end on the formatter.