Database Table Engine Question

Not a Wappler specific question so I am posting this in the lounge.

I have several old tables in my database that are MyISAM. Is it safe to simply convert them to InnoDB? I know I can convert them in Navicat but unsure if there is any negative ramifications of doing so?

I’m in the same boat. Most of my tables are still MyISAM. I did change some with Navicat and didn’t see any difference, that’s why I’m still unsure what to do.

Some literature.

Bottom line -> Back it up and do it because it’s getting deprecated.

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Thanks Jon, that article is like greek to me. But I am almost convinced I need to do this change. Main reason being that I would like to use the table relations (foreign key) that it enables.

Well, I converted one of my databases. Started with the one with the largest tables. Didn’t notice any performance issues but holy crap the file sizes got bigger!

One table went from 81,600kb to 153,100kb in size! Yikes!

Early indication is that everything works though and I can now set foreign keys.

Yep. 2x-3x storage space is the standard for innodb when compared to myisam. Glad you haven’t had any issues so far. You will notice an improvement in performance when concurrent users are trying to write to the table.