Database Query Has Incorrect Fields Search/Warning Feature

My design and build phases of development are intermixed.

Which means I often change database fields as I design because I want to leave my design with a perfectly named and structured database.

But then I have to find all the Server Actions that use the field name I deleted or changed the name of, which can be really tedious.

This is a feature request for a function which will scan all my Server Side Database Actions and show me those which are accessing fields not available in the database.

Assuming you fix any changes needed in server actions immediately after changing a field name in the database, I wouldn’t have thought it need be very tedious or time-consuming. The search feature is very quick and you can use replace all if you know the string concerned is unique, though l would probably look through the search results in any case.

But that only addresses half the issue Tom… sometimes it is a rename, sometimes the field is not needed so needs to be removed from the query.

I’m not so confident editing the server side actions with a search and replace.

I’m sure @George wouldn’t be keen on us doing that either!

Obviously, there is potential for misfortune in editing server actions. In some cases, you can probably be very confident - eg if you’re replacing a field which you know has a unique name (eg firstname_usr or usr_firstname etc.), and in other cases you would need to be more cautious.

I would have thought identifying fields which are not needed would be rather difficult. A field could be included in a query, or expressions for variables or conditions etc.

George has mentioned a new feature under consideration - a sort of database of project metadata. This might be a solution if/when it’s developed.