Database Manager - setup on new project

Wappler 2.9.1
Mac OS X Mojave and Catalina

I think there was a similar bug report but not sure if there were clear steps to replicate.

Brand new Apache server, with first brand new FTP user and first brand new database.

  1. Start a new project, enter in all details including FTP server, test connection all ok
  2. Save first page with just a container > row > column with standard frameworks.
  3. Publish to server, success
  4. Open Database Manager. add connection and give it a name, click Server Connect Connection and insert all required database access details and click Test Connection (Error: Invalid Target)
  5. Click Save to the dialogue that just gave the error, reopen Server Connect Connection, click Test Connection and I get a success message.

Some Updates:
After getting a success I still have a Red Unable to connect under the connection, however when I go to Server Connect and use the same connection i just setup and do a database connect and query, my table data is shown right away.
After multiple saves and publishes to the server, I still can not see my table structure under the connection inside the database manager.

The only way to get this working for me is by using the Use Direct Connection, then it all works as expected.

What is your active target? Seems you don’t have any and just local is selected…

I made sure my remote target was selected, I did double check it a few times just incase.

If your target is ok and you have verified the direct connection setting by testing them, you can just hit the refresh button in the toolbar of the database manager.

That will connect and fetch your schema.

I will do another test George and make sure i take a little video of the procedure just to ensure.

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Yes we probably have to streamline the refreshing so it’s good to know where it’s not working as expected :slight_smile:

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