Database insert: set value to two posted fields added together

I have a form which has two input fields. In my server action I’m using the Database Insert and I want one of the fields to be the two posted form fields added together, eg.


It seems to be storing the value in $_POST.field1 and ignoring the rest.

How should I be doing this?

{{$_POST.field1 + $_POST.field2}}


Thanks @s.alpaslan. I’d already tried that and it didn’t make any difference.

Just to be clear, field1 and field2 contain numbers and I want to add them together and store the total.

Can you share screen shot with us ? Maybe you have different issue

No problem. I can see that it should work as it’s showing as an operation (see screenshot).

I’m on the very latest version in case that’s relevant.

All Global input variables are strings initially. So if you want to do math - you have to convert them to numeric first

so in your case it will result in something like {{$_POST.field1.toNumber() + $_POST.field2.toNumber()}}

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Also if you expect them to be numeric, always define them with validation:

So a nice validation error is reported if somehow a different type of field is passed - and not some weird database error when you try to store them.

Yesssss!!! Perfect. That was the step I was missing. Converting to number fixes it.

Huge thanks to both of you.

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