Database creator bug or user error

I am looking forward to both the documentation as well as the stable version of the database connector, but until then, in attempting to understand how to use it, I successfully created a connection and located the new db in the database connector. I was able to structure the table just fine. When I go to edit the table it showed the blank table without data but with the correct structure. I attempted to “add new” but got no results. Thinking that perhaps at this stage of development it needs some data to start, I went into navicat and added to rows. simple table, one row id / integer, other row name / string.
Back Wappler Database Connector, I was able to see the new data in Edit Table Data, but I still cannot get the Add New button to do anything so I cannot add truly new data to the table. I assume I am doing something wrong, just do not know what. Thanks

I assume you are talking about the new Database Creator and not connector.

It is for managing table structures primarily - as you can read in the introduction topic.

The live data editing is’t there fully yet.

Read the usage topic more in detail: