Database Connectivity

Hi, pretty new to Wappler I handle quite a number of database-driven web applications. I have found Wappler to be straightforward to set up the Database Server Connect features from my Mac workstation as long as the database is reachable from my computer (on IP etc.) However I cannot find a way to establish the database connection if the Database is only reachable from the web server I am working with. For instance I have an online store where access to the database is restricted by firewall to accept communication only from the web server IP address for security reasons. I have therefore been unable to set up the MS SQL connection in Wappler successfully on my local machine to test the data etc. I am used to working in DW and this has no problems with these type of connections as it uses the connection file string sitting on the web server to relay info back to my local machine. Am I missing something or is this not possible with Wappler?

It is all possible with Wappler. You just have to understand that Wappler is doing all the database access through your website. So you have to make sure that you enter the IP addresses of your database in the same way as they will be accessible from within your live website.

Hi George, you are absolutely right! My problem in this case was down to the FTP settings - a minor mis-configuration. Once I got this right the database connection dropped in fine. I am underway again with this test project now.

Thanks for your help.


That is why we have extended ftp connectivity test, to easy detect and prevent misconfigurations that will only give trouble later on