Database API in the Cloud

A new age of data APIs is currently growing as a new solutions to all the complicated different database systems

All driven by the NoSQL principles and more document oriented.

Some pioneers in that area are the google firebase apis and also the mongoDb but also newcomers with rest APIs are joining in like:

This could be really the next big thing having all the databases easily accessible in the cloud.

Maybe a new business idea for @geoplugin :slight_smile:


I love NoSQL - it’s lightening fast, but there’s a limit to what you can store in a key/value db. OK NoSQL is more than key/value pairs but at it’s base it’s simply that. The one I see as the most interesting is ObjectDBs which falls under the NoSQL non-relational DB orientation.

Blockchain databases are a really exciting concept also but require a precise idea and so not really open to the .io principle.

But yeah, cloud-based non-relational *SQL is definitely the way forward for db storage because the vast majority of today’s data (look at amazon outside of individual product details - they clearly use it) can be served from such resources, leaving the web frontend to be mega-responsive.

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Well there you go! And a new gbplugin is born :slight_smile:

Btw maybe @Hyperbytes our db guru can join his thoughts as well

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No experience of it to be honest but i will take a look, may learn something new!

will sure to be a gold-mine when GB-brexit happens so the brits can plug back into europe :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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Let’s leave the Brexit topic out of here @geoplugin, this us a non conflict forum!


Damn phone made a typo :slight_smile:

I meant DBplugin :slight_smile:


i wouldnt compare any nosql db to blockchain. in nosql theres no consens, no real distributed ledger, no pos/pow… and also data isnt immutable.

@George I just checked and played around some 5 minutes with restdb and this looks amazing. Quickly setup a DB within the cloud, easily define fields/relations and youre ready to go and query via json or similar. Also media is handled. This is just increcible powerful but I‘m now confused where I should add wappler. Maybe with design and queries? Maybe all admin stuff or storing could be done with rest side like 0auth as I wrote in some posts before?

  1. 0Auth: Login/Userroles/Authentification
  2. Db hosting, db relation and Media handling/storing
  3. Wappler: API Json Queries, design and some DB actions…?

As told: I‘m confused I wish I‘ve never heard about that project :joy::ok_hand:t5:

Going to buck a trend i think by this. Took a quick look at RestDB
Question: Why would a want to replace my proven, full featured, cloud hosted, industry standard MySql database functionality for a less functional NOSQL alternative and potentially pay $1,000s for the privilege?

Well everything has its place and purpose.

I don’t think you should replace your perfectly working MySQL databases with NoSQL.

Relational databases are still perfect for storing tabular data, specially that needs lots of manipulations or calculations like financial data.

However document based and NoSQL databases are on the rise because of their much better storage and query of document/ objects with their properties also json support.

And that is why you also get those hybride databases as all major database providers add document/ object support to their existing databases.

As the browsers are getting more and more interactive and advanced, people can create extensive rich client applications and the role of the server side is becoming more or less just the data delivery.

That is why cloud databases are on the rise now as well. You don’t need much but a good database to serve your needs.

On the other side there is also a great development of the blockchain technology, serverless decentralized peer 2 peer data technology. Which also has a great place and purpose.

So you just have to pick the right technology that suits your needs the best.

Wappler will support them all :slight_smile:


Yes I accept that there may be places where this is relevant but I would suggest that 99% of the Wappler based development of data driven websites will probably be served by more traditional database platforms, not least until the high prices of alternatives drop.
I suspect we will see these new technologies appearing in the more common platforms, Microsoft are big on cloud now and I suspect MS SQL will lead but where it goes MySql will likely follow.
Seen too many new “innovations” come and go, i am more an “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” guy.

I have looked at the PHP MySQL API in the past but never saw a great need for it, perhaps now may be the time to look more closely into it.

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Big list of NoSQL –

There’s a couple. :wink:

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I get how these platforms are very popular with some sections of developers, especially the Python community ( i love python but rarely actually use it in web development) who use value pairs like tuples and dictionaries all the time, just don’t see it as a must for a php/ jquery environment of Wappler.
But everyone to their own, horses for courses as they say,