Data store update value on top of current value

I’m trying to update a data store record, I need to add to the current value of that record.
How can I achieve this? There seems to be no way to select the “this.recordvalue”.

If this can’t be done atm, can I request this feature please

What is the database itself?
Maria, MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc?

Postgres but does that relate to the data store component?

I assume the “current value of that record” is already stored in your PostgreSQL?

But you haven’t set up a query to find that record by its key or unique combinations to return its “current value” as far as I can tell.

Just to visually verify that you’re applying this update to the correct record if this is a Dashboard type of operation.

So I mean. The current value inside the data store component. I want to add to the current data store component without an additional database query

If you have a table generated from a datastore, you can add buttons on each row which increment the value of a field like this:

dmx-on:click="datastore1.upsert({$id: $id},{qty: qty+1})"

(I’m not sure if this quite answers your question.)

Hi Tom

Unfortunately that won’t work as my use case is different. The user doesn’t change a row in the table manually.

It’s a socket message that fires and should add on a specific record in the datastore.