Data picker in mobile content pages

This one is still broken for me in 2.5.5 with fw7.

I’m trying to select a data store (or other ac elements) that is located on index.html, while working on a Content page whose head page is also index.html. I have tried putting the head page actions inside the view, and the page, and also directly under app.


This one is really slowing me down… any priority you can give would be very much appreciated. :grin:

Is that still broken? I thought we fixed it a few updates ago. Could you check again?

On the road right now but will check in an hour. I am fairly certain I confirmed it isn’t working in 2.5.5

Definitely still an issue for content pages in 2.5.6

Head page

content page

Actually you need to do something more than just assign head page to the main page.

In your main page you need to create a reference - to the included content page.
You can do this by adding a “Content Page Include” in your main view, with reference to the content page


It will generate code like this:

<link rel="wappler-include" type="content-page" href="page2.html" path="/page2/">

You can even enter there the routing path so it automatically creates a route for your content page on save.

Note - this is actually done automatically when you use the “move to content page” action on the App Structure toolbar.

But if you have created the content page manually and assigned the head page, you need also to add the Content Page Include component - exactly on the place where the content page will be injected.

This all will help the data pickers render the data in the main page and inject your include in there, so its data is shown as well.

Hope this all make sense :slight_smile:

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I am creating all the content pages manually, so this was not happening on the index page. Would it makes sense for Wappler to create the wappler-include when the head page property is set on a content page?

For me, this seems to be as a child of the view…so far working well.

Thanks George!

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Well Wapper doesn’t know where exactly it will be injected… maybe indeed if there is a view then put it in there - but it is a bit of too much guess work.

Actually we might rethink the linking option for the content pages in Framework7.
Seems the current solution with the custom link tag placed in the view is confusing the Framework7 with its href attribute and it gives troubles with the back button.

Maybe a much better solution will be on the content pages to choose next to their head page also just the view where the content page will be injected. That is all the info we need to render the data bindings view from the main page to the content page.

This will also work on all framework7 pages and there is no need to add the custom link tag.

Sounds good…but thinking out load, would there be situations that warrant a content page that can go into multiple views? Seems like a likely progression…albeit not one I’ve yet encountered.