Data Formatting Problem

@George & Co, thank you for updating the Formatter, this is very much appreciated :+1:

Just one little problem remains, namely:

I need to add OrderAmount to Ordershipped

and show the result as a currency. The only option I have is to convert To Number

after which I can Format Currency

When I click Select, I get this error message

Changing tack, I add both variables in an Expression


I still only have the option Conversion To Number


After which I can Format Currency

I then delete the To Number


and I have my desired result

dmx-text="([0].OrderAmount +[0].OrderShipping).formatCurrency("$", ".", ",", "2")"

Just thought that you should know.

Hi Ben,
Are you sure you are applying the formatting options to the proper group/element?
I just tested locally and it appears to work as expected:

That is exactly what I do Teodor, but there is a no show when I leave the To Number step in the code. Can’t replicate it at the moment to show you, will have another go when I do a revision of the tutorial. Hopefully it will work as you suggested.

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