Data Detail Table Generator problem

When I generate a table for data details, the inner text value does not show unless I change the data value.

This is what is generated:


And this is what a working copy looks like:


Hi Ben,
What do you select for the table value in the UI?

Where ddGallery = data detail.

Should the populate not rather be set to ddGallery alone, before the .data unless it is a paged query? Or are you maybe using a state manager too.

Thanks Paul, the UI as shown is correct, for some reason the code that it produced was not OK. This is not the first time this has happened and not just this project.

However, the silly part is that I have since tried deleting and re-installing the table a few times and the code is OK.

I have no idea what triggers the problem, I will keep an eye on it and report back. Thanks for listening.

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Is the table correctly nested inside the Data Detail component? If it is outside the Data Detail component the it indeed needs the full path to data, when it is inside then the first generated code should work.

Hi Patrick, thanks for your reply. This is indeed the problem with which I can live. The Data Detail is kept in a location at the bottom of my document, that way I can use it wherever. Thank you, I should have thought of that.