Data Bindings errors when selecting form fields

I sometimes use checkboxes inside a modal to offer options about which columns to display in a table. The show condition depends on the ‘checked’ state. Today I wanted to use this feature on a different page, but couldn’t get it to work. I eventually tracked it down to what seems to be a bug: the path to the checkbox which Wappler selects is incorrect.

To demonstrate the problem, I created a new page with a default Wappler checkbox group and a paragraph with a ‘show’ condition depending on the first checkbox being selected.

The result of selecting the checkbox from the Data Bindings panel is:
dmx-show="input1_1.checked" (which doesn’t work)
It should be:

When I first came across the issue, it was only the ‘input1_group’ part which was missing, so the behaviour may vary depending on the circumstances.

I had a quick check and it seems this issue doesn’t only apply to checkboxes. I have a feeling this or a simlar bug was reported a while ago, and was fixed.

Hi Tom,
What if the element you try to show/hide is outside the form? Is it also not putting the form in the expression?

Hi Teodor,
I didn’t actually intend to put the paragraph inside the form - the situation where I initially came across the issue was with a checkbox in a modal, with the show condition applied to a column in a table (not within the modal).

Having moved the paragraph out of the form, the result is:
… which is the same error as I came across initially. The show condition fails.
It should be:

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I was just looking to see if the status of this issue has changed and noticed the tick in the ‘select if this reply solves the problem’. I’m not sure if this was ticked because my second post clarifed the nature of the bug or it seemed to suggest I had overlooked something when suggesting it was a bug.

As far as I can see, this is a bug: in some situations, selecting bindings works incorrectly, whereas it worked fine before the last update. If this hasn’t been confirmed as a bug, I could provide more details if it would help.

Hello Tom,
We are investigating the issue.

Thanks Teodor - I just wanted to check in case you needed more info.

Fixed in version 1.5.1

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