Data bindings empty in calendar source properties with dynamic events

Wappler: 5.0.0 B5 and 4.9.1
OS: MacOS M1
Server: PHP/MySQL

I’ve tried this in both the latest v4 and v5b versions and it’s the same problem. After creating a calendar and adding the source, the data bindings are empty when clicking on the thunderbolt icon. If I type something in the search then all the server connects appear but not the events source.

Here’s a video to demonstrate.


Found the problem. I have it in a modal and I also have the server connect within that modal so it looks like Wappler breaks if you do that. I’ve moved the server connect outside of the modal and it’s showing everything correctly again.

For tidiness I wanted the SC to be in the modal so is it a bug that the data bindings break when doing that?