Data Binding Picker doesn't show subtable column

Wappler Version : 4.8.2
Operating System : MacOS
Server Model: NodeJS
Database Type: PostgreSQL
Hosting Type: Docker

Expected behavior

Data Binding Picker should show subtable column of Database Query

Actual behavior

Data Binding Picker doesn’t show the subtable column

How to reproduce

Database query:



When including a sub table or multi reference in the columns output, you can double click on it to open a nested query editor where you can specify all nested output options.

So there you can specify which sub table fields should be outputted and even make more joins and use more sub tables and filters.

unless you are also using sub tables to generate nested queries - then it is not similar

oh ok, no worries. I’ll just stay quiet in the corner :wink:

That’s interesting, though I think the bug report still persists - I’m unable to see a nested data structure/subcolumn in the Data Binding Picker.

Additionally, customizing in the nested query editor doesn’t appear to make any sort of effect in the Output.

I’m sending a video in private to you

As I said earlier, you really need to open the nested query options to specify output fields.
You can do that by double clicking on your multi table name when you add it to the columns.

There you probably also want to have more joins to get the related data - not just the multi table id's.

It is all explained in the docs see:

I literally did what you mentioned beginning at 0:26 seconds in the video I sent you

Anyway, the 2nd issue in my last post is actually this one, which was solved by enabling experimental options:

However, the bug report of this topic is still present. I'm sending you another video that hopefully shows you the issue more clearly. As a reminder, the Data Binding Picker of the API Workflow (or whatever it's called) doesn't show the subtable column. Not to be confused with the Data Binding Picker of Server Connect (front-end), which is the one shown in the documentation you linked

Fresh news @George, I merely changed the name of the Database Query and I’m now able to see the subcolumn in the Database Binding Picker

Probably it’s missing a view refresh - I didn’t test the refresh button when I was experiencing the issue

And it was probably caused by my 1st attempt where I didn’t select the columns of the subtable, so it was still showing the view of the 1st attempt, maybe?