Custom SSL certificate

Hello Wapplers,

Can some one guide me how to apply custom SSL certificate (not provided by Traefik) in to Docker+NodeJS project?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Aleksejs,
If the certificate is already applied at the host level you should not have to include it in the deployment…

I don’t get your comment.
What do you mean - on a host level?
Can you please provide step-by-step instructions?

Maybe this will help you:

Would be helpful to know a little about your environment. Who are you hosted with?

I’m trying to get answers - Do I need specifically configure something in Wappler development tool in order to deploy my Production target with custom (not Traefik) certificate?

If your SSL certificate is installed on the host domain no, if you have not installed your certificate you will need to do it via your hosts control panel. If it is already installed you do not have to do anything. Did you purchase the certificate through your host for a specific domain? Is the domain hosting your Project?

You will need to provide further information for us to help you, we can’t guess who you are hosted with or the environment you are deploying to…

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  • I have certificate issued for my purchased and hosted domain.
  • I have production target in Wappler.
  • Currently my production target is without any certificate.

Do I have just to run docker run -v /host/path/to/certs:/container/path/to/certs -d IMAGE_ID "update-ca-certificates" on my production server and that’s it? No additional configuration for NodeJS needed?

Should I follow Docker certificate installation guides or NodeJS certificate installation guides like this ?

Then you do not have to do anything if the domain is displaying the SSL padlock in the browser, no further configuration is required Aleksejs. Nothing is required within Docker for it to recognise your certificate.

You misunderstood. I mean I have certificate file.

Ahh OK. If the certificate is not installed on the domain you are correct, you will need to either install the certificate via your hosts control panel. Usually they are installed for you. It is worth speaking with your host or seeking their documentation with regards to installing the certificate. Far easier than doing it through the command prompt. OR, you can follow one of the guides and attempt to install it yourself. As all hosts have different set-ups it is very difficult to point you to a quick fix, as I said the easiest and simplest thing to do is to seek the advice of your host. Once installed there you do not have to do anything else within Docker.

I’m hosting my site within Hetzner. It’s VPS hoster, not a web-site hoster with c-panel or something similar.

Unfortunately am not familiar with Hetzner… But maybe this can help:

Sorry for bothering you with, but I’m lost with my task by applying SSL certificate.
Inputs are:

  1. I have Docker and NodeJS setup
  2. I have fully hostel application but without SSL/Certificate
  3. I have full bundle of certificates: Certificate, CA bundle/chain and Private key
  4. I have file level access to Docker to install/place those certificate some where

I need to get my application available via HTTPS protocol. May sound simple, but I don’t know even where to start?

Hi Aleksejs,
This is not a Wappler issue it is your host that you need to speak with, thus unfortunately can not help you myself in this instance, maybe another Hetzner user has a solution? Have you tried contacting Hetzner support?

Hetzner is just providing compute resource aka virtual machines in my scenario it’s Linux with Docker Compose on it.

I understand but they still offer support:

You need to speak with them directly regarding your issue. As a Client you will have support and they should be able to help you with your issue.

There appears to be a guide here:

@George @patrick @Teodor is there any guides how to apply custom (not Traefik) SSL certificate in Wappler for NodeJS application?

I don’t know how your server with docker is setup, but often you have a reverse proxy like an nginx server in front of the node server and you configure there the SSL.

It is deployed with Wappler!

I perfectly understand your issue, it’s a bit sad you have this ongoing for 15 days.

I haven’t checked how Wappler deploys stuff, but having checked Traefik before you’d have to upload your certificate to the server (through SCP or something) and add a specific Traefik tag in your Web application Docker container to command Traefik to load the custom certificate. Essentially you would check Traefik’s documentation to see how to load a custom certificate, and you also need to check how to add Docker container tags. I belive you could modify the Docker compose file in production through docker-compose.override.yml you need to create near docker-compose.yml

I would suggest to use Dokku though, because it’s more mature in the sense they already have instructions for custom certificates.