Custom SQL queries in ASP.NET

@George can you please help me out here. What am I doing wrong?
Or is it due to the OBDC driver?

Try changing :P1 to ? or @P1. With ASP.NET and ADO parameters start with @ instead of :. Our code should normally translate it correctly, will check the ASP.NET code.

Question mark did not work.
Putting @ in place of : in both parameter list and query stopped the error, but now the values returned is empty.
I ran the query directly, and it works as expected. Putting the test value in the query directly also return rows in the custom query builder. So it seems something else is also broken.

I can confirm that I’m having the same issue. I am running MS SQL.
As pre below screenshots, you will see that I tried three diffrerent ways in an attempt to display the results.

This issue was resolved in either 2.1.5 or a version before that.