Custom Query Request Failed: error due to SQLeoVQ

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.19042
  • Wappler Version : 4.4.5

Server Vagrant HashiCorp LAMP (Ubuntu build)

Target selected tested: Developer, and Staging

Problem description

Custom queries to build a join table are not working not even adding a simple select like the one described below.

The database is working if I use the simple queries actions, it just does not allow me to do any custom query always the same error

Steps to reproduce

  1. Added to steps Security provider and Security identity
  2. Added Database Custom Query: custom
  3. Clicked build query
  4. Types SELECT * FROM mytablename
  5. Clicked Execute Query
  6. Got notification: Request Failed: error, (142.2 KB)


And please stop posting multiple same topics.

Are you sure you database server is running?

Can you run normal queries?

Yes, I am sure it is running, for example, I have several Database single queries that are working without any problem, same with insert queries are working, I can also run queries from Mysql Workbench when testing out of Wappler, I am building a dashboard and when using the single database query I can show the logged-in user name email, etc…

The error is only when trying to use the custom query.

Try to replace the custom query with regular select query and run it in the browser to see the error

I created a normal query and listed the users it shows on the browser, but the error stopped showing, and custom queries are working now.

This is what is happening on my machine:

I had running the DB in SQLeoVQ (Graphical Query builder) It shows me the error on Wappler but when I close SQLeo, custom query in Wappler works when I open SQLeo again and load the DB in it Custom query in Wappler gives me that error, might be something SQLeo is taking over the DB not sure, so works fine while I do not load the DB on the SQLeoVQ

Also not sure if this info is useful my build is running on:

laravel/homestead (virtualbox, 8.2.1)
Mysql 5.7.27
PHP 7.3.33

P.D.Sorry for the Cross post! and thank you for taking the time to help.