Custom query brings back duplicate records on page

For some reason when I do a customer db query the results brought back to the page is different from what I see in the Steps. Here is the results in the steps:

This is what I see on the page:

How does the repeat on your page look I haven’t used a custom query yet so this maybe a wrong thought but looking at your screenshots I see that id_order never changes but the customer does this indicates to me that your repeats bindings are set to only look at the first record and might contain something like [0] while the customer columns bind may have the correct bind without a [0]

Just something to have a little look at as stated never used a custom so maybe wrong

Thanks Sorry. Yes. There is a [0]. What should there be there? Also, why is it there?

You probably picked a wrong expression somewhere from the data picker.

This is what I see (switched to code view in picker)

What am I doing wrong?

When you create a repeat and bind data inside it, you need to pick the data from under repeat, not from server action.

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Thanks Teodor. That worked.

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