Custom Paging links are lost when generator is re-run

Used Operating System

  • Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

  • add pagination options using the Paging Generator
  • change the labels for Previous/Next/First/Last
  • click OK and everything works fine
  • Problem: if you re-run the generator your custom values have disappeared and the defaults have reappeared:


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I’ve just realised that other settings are removed when the generator is re-run - not just settings made within the generator panel. Eg: I centered the navigation links:

<ul class="pagination justify-content-center" After re-running the generator this extra class was removed. I expect the generator resets the settings to the defaults when it's re-run (though I haven't tested all the options).

Yes currently the generator retains only the source options and not the extra formatting options. Will see if we can improve this.

It would be good if this could be fixed - though not critical.

Dynamic attributes are also removed. I added a hide condition where the nav links are not shown if there is only one page of results - this was removed when I re-ran the generator. I applied the condition to the containing div, so it was easy to fix, once I discovered what was happening.

Well generators - are primarily used as a quick start for bulk generations. Later on your are doing all the customization of the individual options. If you have reworked the whole page and then rerun the generator it will be pretty challenging to save and restore all the possible changes that you have done.

Particularly in the case of the pagination generator, it’s not a serious problem. The main problem is not knowing that any customisations will be deleted. As they are deleted without any warning, I think a user would assume it was a bug.

I think there should be some indication of the effects of re-running any generators which will delete custom code. A message could be added on the pagination generator panel or a warning message could appear when you click the ‘run’ button. (If this generator is only intended to be run once, then the button shouldn’t be displayed.)

I have only experimented with the form and table generators a little and they seem to work very well. I had assumed that one of the best features of these is that they can be re-run. In the case of forms and tables, you might well want to make changes. Do you know if re-running these could result in options/custom code being deleted?

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