Custom module issue

Hi Wapplers,

I have made a simple module that downloads a file from an API call. The problem I am having is as follows: The web logs clearly indicates that the signedUrl parameter is not receiving an actual URL but rather the placeholder string {{url}} . If you look at the image you can see my steps and the error below. Any thoughts on this please? If I put a static URL it works fine and downloads the PDF fine. It is clearly a problem with the databinding.

I believe this is a Wappler security measure to avoid inserting potentially sensitive data into the server logs, so we can’t assume your conclusion.

Show the beginning of the value of the url variable, is it starting with β€œhttp://”? Tick the Output checkbox on your Set Value to see


Ah! I missed this part! Show us the part where you parse the Signed URL expression :slight_smile:

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You need to parse the data in custom module.
this.parse(options). See docs.