Custom Database Management


I’m new to Wappler and database management in general. I have some questions on handling newer database technologies that are not supported natively in Wappler.

Specifically I’m looking to use CockroachDB as it’s feature set matches my requirements. On this link, , it states that migration from Postgres is simple enough as long as I stay away from certain functions and Postgres is a supported DB in Wappler so maybe this is my best course of action.

In general though, in Wappler what is the work flow for this situation where I want to use a newer back end technology that is outside Wapplers domain, but still want to use Wappler for ease of front end.

In that example, do I simply create the front end in Wappler; export; and hand code the connection to my back end within my production environment.

If I’m mistaken in any way please let me know. Most of my knowledge is mainly using data served from backend architecture and this is my first foray into creating one.

Appreciate your help,

P.S. Not sure where the dictionary data is sourced for input into this New Topic Form I’m currently typing in (Maybe it’s from my laptops internal dictionary) but the word Wappler should not get highlighted as incorrect spelling within this context. Not sure if anything can be done about it.

As CockroachDB seems to be compatible and behave like a PostgreSQL than you can just connect to it with Wappler’s Database Manager.

Just select Postgres as database type and enter the settings for your CockroachDB database.

Let us know how this goes.