CSS 'Table' Builder?

Here’s a simple question (I hope):

Is there a CSS ‘table’ builder in Wappler? I want to create several CSS-designed rows and columns (tables) on a page to hold static data. I certainly don’t want to manually create them using CSS either.

Hello @randyrie
You can add tables to your page by clicking Add new component > Tables > Table/Responsive table.
Then you can use the properties panel and apply the styling properties you need.

Not sure what you mean by CSS Table? Why not just use a regular table? Its very easy to add as many rows and columns as you need.

I found the table component - was available but I simply missed seeing it. By CSS, I meant to stylize the header, columns/rows, cells, etc. But I can do this manually now that I know where the table component is located.

Thanks for your response, BTW.