CSS style file in content pages


I’m setting header.php as “server side include” in index.php like attached.

when I created this header.php, I could check how it looks in the design view though, now I see the view like below. I used to be able to see the same header image in the design view on Wappler before. so it might be a bug??

Could you have removed the commented section at the beginning of the file? This would have been added when you created the include.


I removed the commented section as you said, but nothing has changed…
and the thing is I could see it without any problem before…


I’m not quite clear what you mean. Have you tried putting the comment section back again?

Nope, I removed it, but I still can not see the header in the design view.

You need to include the commented text - you need to put it back.


We are currently not including (and have not included until now) the custom CSS file defined in your project settings on the content/include pages, opened separately.
We are going to improve this in our next updates :slight_smile:


oh I see it put it back then. thanks!


Thank you so much!!