CSS Selectors

Is any way to select :after or :before :nth(), CSS selector on the css design panel?

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Edit: As a matter of interest, Bing Chat tells me:

Yes, you can use **Wappler’s CSS Design Panel** to select :after or :before pseudo-elements by using the **pseudo-selector** option in the **Style** panel. You can also use :nth-child() selector to select an element based on its position among a group of siblings. For example, you can use :nth-child(2) to select the second child element of a parent element.

Goes to show, not to trust AI


Hi Ben

I have tried but I dont find where. Any suggestion? I only find the basic ones.

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Sorry Juan, perhaps I should not have quoted the message from Bing Chat. This message is wrong, hence my comment not to trust Ai.

There is a current feature request to have CSS Pseudo-elements and Selectors added to Wappler. Have a look at the link and vote for it.