CSS Grid

My question to everyone is, will CSS Grid be added to Wappler? Or, is it already there? I’m a newbie ready to start developing again.

If it already exists, can one use all the App Connect tools? This includes form generator, table generators, and all the other APP Connect tools.

CSS Grid and FlexBox are core to CSS whereas Bootstrap 3/4 and soon to be released 5 are libraries. Libraries will always give way to the core in the long run. The determination on whether to use Bootstrap vs CSS Grid is driven by the user’s browser. Users using older browsers (Older Audience) would want their developers using Bootstrap. Users who keep their browsers current make way to CSS Grid.

Hi @BruceSchueller. CSS Grid isn’t part of Wappler just yet but there are a few requests that have been raised recently. Here and here. Check them out and give the team ideas on how you think it should be implemented in Wappler.

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