Credit where it's due


Hi everyone

I felt I had to post something after thinking about the last year or so. I was a backer of the original Indiegogo project and initially dithered about whether to back it or not. Joseph’s video convinced me this was going to be a good piece of software to have so I went for it. The initial features were limited - no security enforcer, for example - but I could see it was going to add all this.

I renewed a couple of weeks ago and it was a no-brainer. I’ve yet to finish a project with it but have been working on completely rebuilding a site I first created over 10 years ago and it uses most of the features Wappler provides so it’s being a great learning experience.

What I do have to say, though, is how incredibly impressed I’ve been with the amount of updates - what other software brings out a new version every week with significant additions, not just bug fixes? And to have the devs who build Wappler in the support forums responding quickly to everything.

I’m desperate to get started on a mobile app but want to finish my main project first (it’s about 90% there) and will then create a desktop app.

Keep up the great work. I initially found it hard because I’ve not been using the DMX extensions since the app connect structure was introduced. I used DMX extensions a LONG time ago so I’ve had to adapt to this way of thinking but I think I’ve now got it.

Hope you don’t mind me posting this!

Cheers, Jon.


Thanks for the feedback Jon! We will continue adding new exciting features and improving Wappler with every update.
We’ll be happy to feature your project in the Showcase section once its finished :slight_smile:

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