Creating Server Action unstable when using "Count"

4.1.1 on a Mac with MS SQL

Built a query. I had to make some changes so I go back to the server action and click “Query Builder”. Button turns blue but nothing happens. Just to add, ctrl-S for save does not work me for the Server Actions. Have to go to the menu and click Save.

Not the same issue, but I have noticed that Wappler has crashed several times for me this morning after updating to 4.1.1. Until now, it has crashed for me maybe 3 times since the first beta release.

I think I found the issue. If I create a regular query, everything works. It’s only when I add an aggregate of “Count” does the server action freeze up and Wappler becomes unstable. It won’t let me open query builder again.

Try this fix:

Yes, I’m using an alias.

This was fixed in Wappler 4.1.2

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