Creating folders in Asset Manager with Wappler

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Could just be an extreme noob getting confused or I’m just coming across a lot of problems with Wappler / Mac 3.0. In the project folder I am unable to make a folder in assets, so that I can import images. Also using the footer design tool I unable to edit the text thats displaying numbers emails etc. I’ve obviously bypassed this by just editing in the code but I’m not sure how to fix the project folder as I want to import images. Any help is much appreciated.

You can just use the create folder icon or the context menu:


Yep, That button doesn’t function on Mac for some reason?

@George Here’s a video recording, Can create files in the file tab but not in the assets

What have you selected in the project options as assets folder? and does it exists?

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There we are, Managed to fix it thank you

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