Creating an offline mobile app

Morning all. At present I have a WordPress location finding website with a mobile-friendly version, I am looking at developing a totally new and separate offline version that would have all the data from the website. Is it possible to use wappler to create the offline app, where I will be able update the data every few weeks like how some map app works?

Hi Andre,
Do you want to create a mobile app or are you referring to a web app which will be used offline? Also how do you need the data to be updated - by some button, or automatically?

you can use local JSON file in you mobile app.
so yes you can develop offline mobile app

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I will like the app to be 100% offline. Can it be created so that once a week/2 weeks the app will check the app store for the data update?

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To be able to reply your questions, I need a little more detailed information about what you need to achieve and how do you expect this to work :slight_smile:

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Good day Teodor. Here is the general idea I am working with. Firstly I would export all the data from my website eg locations, name of business, etc. I want to create a totally offline app that would use the exported data from my website. When someone goes to the google plays store or the apple app store and download the app, the app would function using the the exported data that has been locally installed on their device when the app is installed. I know would make the original install size of the app a little bigger than normal, but I really need it to work offline. The updates I was referring too are when I I do a weekly or month export of the data from the website, that I am able somehow to push this data update to the offline app when a user is on wifi they would get a notification that there is an update to the app and give them the option to update it. I hope I am making sense here

when you publish a new version of your app on the store(app store- play store) the users will be able to update their version with the new data you want.

so wappler will be able to make the app 100% offline ?

Yes it can
but you need to understand the process for approval for every update you push in apple store. they are a pain :sweat_smile:

i know that it can be a pain… it is apple after all… the headaches alone to get my basic app front for the website on the app store was one of the biggest headaches i ever had… that is why i would be looking to do updates once a week or better yet once a month(best option so far)

i would suggest to make the app online and check for update from the app itself every set amount of time.
much less work with the updates in the store and more convenient for your users

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The main reason why i need an totally offline version is that locally… most people dont have data on their phones all the time… they might have access to wifi often, but to ensure that everyone can use the app no matter their data/no data i want to have an offline version as well.

Download the data when connection is available.
The app will function with no internet. Using the local data.

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Ok that make sense… so Wappler will allow me to build the app to do that ?

it should (if everything is working)
but i haven’t tested it yet.

hrm… hopefully that option works. if it does. next week i will pay for a whole year as pro and start working on the app

Hi Andre,

Yes you can build fully an offline app with Wappler. You can just fetch once a week or so a new JSON data / Server Connect with Action Scheduler and store it in Local Storage with State Manager and use it from there.

Other option is that Server Connect data sources also have caching build in so you can set it to very long time like a week and new data will be fetched then.

Maybe @Teodor can make a showcase and article how this is done in detail


George, maybe Andre is interested in a Progressive Web App, that save and load the data from the cache?
Are you going to provide the Framework7 with support for PWA. Vladimir, the owner/mentainer of the F7 framework, wrote on his blog/twitter that PWA is the next feature to be added to the F7. So, what’s next, will you wait untill Vladimir wll add this feature or your company can do it.

Also, how much to wait for paypal/stripe payment method to be added to Wappler

Yes we will fully support PWA in a very near future as a project type in Wappler having all the specific PWA properties and functionalities

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You guys have really really peeked my interest now… looking at starting with this wappler soon… now to decide if to go with a new design or to copy the present one

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