Creating a Docker Machine via DigitalOcean/Wappler - choosing SF2 (San Francisco 2) - droplet is always created in London (LON) and not SF

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Wappler Version : 3.0.2
Operating System :MAC

Expected behavior

A new droplet with Docker Machine in the region I choose should be created.

Actual behavior

A docker machine and droplet in London (LON) region is created instead.

How to reproduce

Create new target
Choose docker engine
Choose remote
Chose ‘Manage’ for Use Docker Machine
Create new Docker Machine
Choose SF2 as the Region
Create Machine

Thanks for the report - good catch, there was indeed a mixup in the regions codes.

Will be fixed in the next update

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Thanks @George - ended up just trying to get it up and running in NY region, which worked (except DB issues)