Create custom extensions?

I’d like to be able to create my own extensions (for example, the charting comments are OK, but I’d like to create some re-usable D3 components.)

How could I create my own components?

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You can create your own formatter or modules by following these documents.

We hope soon to cover also the client side like creation of custom App Connect components


I love you guys! Can’t wait!

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Also, in the meantime, for something like using a custom chart library (like D3) you can just use it now and manually integrate with custom JS just like you would with any normal web app.

I’ve used a few including full calendar, apex charts, Syncfusion and jQuery Context Menu.

Since Wappler 5.5.0 you can create custom App Connect extensions.

Check: Building Custom App Connect Extensions
and also App Connect UI Controls Reference for more info :slight_smile:

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