Course date + 7, 14 or 21 days


We are busy converting our course administration with Wappler. This goes well except for 1 point. We would like to automatically schedule all our course days.
It’s about the following.
For example, a course starts on 06-05-2019 with a course part on the same day for 10 weeks. For the course parts there is an offset of 7, 14, 21 etc. days. Now we don’t get the date field plus 7, 14, 21 etc. days.

The intention is therefore course start date plus offset of the course component is the date of the course component.

Who knows a solution for this


Have a look at the documentation ATilma:

Hope that gives you a quick insight to what you can do. What you require should be relatively simple to achieve.


Dear Dave, So far it was also clear to us.
The problem is that we have three fields, namely: Start date, offset and course date
Start date + offset (for example 7 or 14) = course date. We need this to be able to schedule automatically.


You can do that with a simple repeat

If, say your date (varDate) was 05/04/219, repeat 10 times (varDuration) and offset (varOffset) is 7 (days)

Then set up a repeat on the duration (10) and add offset+the repeat index ($index)
So your code would be:

          <div id="repeat1" is="dmx-repeat" dmx-bind:repeat="varduration.value">

Do you just want to insert these dates in the database, depending on what the start date is?


That is indeed the intention. The start date and offset are already known. Now only the calculation from the start date + offset to course date.


If you need to calculate the duration just use (enddate-startdate)/offset